Stage1: Children Being Informed

Stage One: Children Being Informed mostly gives information to the child about values, behaviour and other relevant issues but does so through fun activities we have created for parents to use with their children. We have developed Values Based parenting Activity Packs for parents of pre-schoolers and primary school aged children, which contain many exercises and activities that reinforce your values and what you have decided is acceptable behaviour in your family.

In Stage One we also offer activities that apply values to simple challenges. This allows parents to use family discussions, comments while watching TV etc, and a host of other activities that apply values and regularly reinforce your family values to your children.

Stage One: Children Being Informed, builds a foundation of knowledge so children are well aware of their family's values, and how their family's values apply across a variety of different situations.


Stage2: Children's Guided Exploring

Values Based Parenting recognizes children's different developmental stages and so children's gradually increasing thinking abilities and capacity for straightforward problem-solving. Stage Two: Children Guided Exploring facilitates more interactive learning experiences (for example: more detailed problem-solving, increased memory, increased grasp of simple concepts) and ongoing coaching of the parents.

Stage3: Children Negotiating

In the early teenage years children are gradually shown the next level of Values based Parenting resources and are gradually given more problem solving opportunities in order to slowly develop their abilities to solve advanced problems and challenges by themselves e.g. drinking, drugs, sexual issues etc, all within boundaries that reflect their family's values.