Values Based Parenting (VBP) offers parents many tools to help your children make decisions that keep them safe. We have two services to achieve this outcome, and both services are covered by Medicare. The two services are:

VBP Family Values – where there are no significant problems, but parents want to make sure their children continue to develop and learn about their family values.  Most parents want their children to live by their family values (e.g. trust, respect etc). This service is available either through group consultations (so you and other parents meet one another, share information and can support and encourage one another) or through private, individual consultations.

VBP Task Master – where there are behavioural problems that should be corrected. The Task Master service is more structured and looks closely at how the family functions.  Working together, parents and the psychologist have achieved significant success in controlling unacceptable behaviour and replacing it with acceptable behaviour. This service is only available through private, individual consultations.

Values Based Parenting is designed to be used by parents across the age range of toddlers to teenagers – and occasionally beyond !  Our oldest ‘child’ successfully managed by the parents using Values Based Parenting tools was a 25 year old still living at home.