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How fast/slow should I teach my children our Family Values?

All children will develop at different rates so children’s development can vary considerably from one child to the next. Hence, all children will achieve their various physical, emotional and thinking (or cognitive) milestones at different times. The Values Based Parenting program acknowledges this and has structured the program to allow parents and their children to progress through the program at their own pace.

How do I know if I am asking too much of my children?

Some children are overloaded by adults with unrealistically high expectations of the child being able to make too many decisions, or complicated decisions, that require a level of thinking they have not yet developed.

This results is such children feeling pressured to achieve something they are not capable of doing and consequently feeling frustrated, or even overwhelmed.  It is very useful for parents to use reminders that the thinking capacity of toddlers is elementary (by comparison with a non-disabled adult) and the thinking capacity of primary school children is straightforward (again, by comparison with a non-disabled adult). 

 Hence, demands on children's thinking need to match each child’s developmental stage: the Values Based Parenting program understands children's developmental milestones and is consequently designed to be implemented by parents in three successive stages (Children Being Informed, followed by Children’s Guided Exploring followed by Children Negotiating). The three stages of the program recognize the increasing thinking capacities and decision-making abilities of the children as they grow.