How does Values Based Parenting work?

Values Based Parenting (VBP) empowers parents.

We use your Family Values (not anyone else’s) as the basis for helping parents make, and implement, decisions about:

  • What are acceptable behaviours and limits for your children (and so what are unacceptable behaviours and limits for your children);
  • The result (or consequences) for the child of both their unacceptable behaviour and their acceptable behaviour;
  • Reinforcing your family’s values through day to day activities (hence making most of the program quite natural and effortless);

 We support and guide parents through individual consultations and also guide parent’s use of:

Using VBP webpage tools and resources (and access to parent discussion groups) to slowly build your children's problem solving abilities through reference to your family values;        Using VBP webpage resources to structure values based learning experiences for your children.

The full program has three stages (see below) but parents can opt in to, or out of, any stage at any time. Also, we are in the process of converting most written resources to audio files for children to make it more convenient for them to learn.